By: Deanne Brennan

Do you remember what goals or New Year’s resolutions you set the year before? Most people don’t. Our heads are full with ‘have to, must do and should do’s’,  it’s no wonder it’s hard to recall.

I love simplifying everything. I like to get to the point fast and appreciate a gentle reminder.

Last year I themed by year. My theme: ‘Right now….’. I would pause randomly where I was and start a sentence with this. Here was my first example at the beginning of last year.

‘’Right now…. I’m sitting by the beach, having a coffee, watching a bunch of talented surfers, it’s about 22 degrees with a light breeze. I have all the time in the world’’.

It grounded me, let me savour the little moments & lead me to become a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher in November. It simplified by life and was especially helpful during the crappy moments.

This coming year I am super excited about my theme: Luminous.

With the help Danielle LaPorte an advocate for living your life by your feelings, in her audio book Desire Map I answered these question;

Danielle: How do you most want to feel this year?
Dee: Luminous (I came up with 5 words and narrowed it down, this felt the best)

Danielle: What does luminous feel like?
Dee: Feeling good in my body, energised, confident, alive.

Danielle: What would luminous look like in your life?
Dee: Glowing skin, eating foods that nourish my body, wearing clothes that make me feel confident, doing work that I love with enthusiasm, spending time with people I love, flourishing with my mindfulness meditation practice.

Danielle: Looking under the word….what’s luminous really about for you?
Dee: Doing what’s good for me, integrating everything I know and feeling incredible for it.

Now… it’s your turn!  Cross out my word luminous and put in your own. Take a few minutes to brain storm some words and pick the one that resonates with you most. You might come up with a phrase instead like mine the previous year.

Tip: Put your word or phrase in your diary or on a post-it note next to your bed to see morning and night. I created the college below using my pinterest photos and will use as my phone screensaver.

Extra Tip: This exercise should be fun and lighthearted. Relax your shoulders, relax your face, take a deep breath and lift the corners of your mouth. It takes 10 minutes, it’s free and it’s totally worth it.

About author: Deanne Brennan is a Life and Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is a big advocate for d.i.y health and happiness and loves sharing with others what works for her.