For when you need a friend more than a therapist.

Hi, I’m Dee. I am a Well-being and Mindfulness Coach.  I am a multi-passionate enthusiast. Sometimes I have people meditating on rooftops surrounded by candles and fairy lights and sometimes we go walking around the lake together. I also do interactive workshops within the workplace so people can connect back to their own vision and goals.

Simply, I give people the breathing some space to come back to what’s most important. I let you download it all, feel all the feelings, and bring you back to the right here and now. I listen to your deepest desires with curiosity and inspire you into action. And THIS is the work that brings me joy.

“I look back at the vision I realised during that workshop and cannot help but be absolutely blown away by how much of it is now in my everyday. Seriously powerful shit. Be warned!!” – Business Owner

Join me in my monthly Canberra workshops or get in touch for a private session. I’ll help you get clear and focused for the next 12 months and beyond.  CLICK HERE!

Here for you,

Dee ♥