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Who are you? Most people know me as ‘Dee’, I am an optimist, coach and massage therapist.

Where are you from? I’m currently living in the Middle East but Australia will always feel like home.

What do you do? Life and Wellness Coaching at Thinkoutloud Coaching, Workshops and I am a Soft Tissue (Remedial Massage) Therapist.

Why do you do what you do? I love…dreaming, planning, creativity, travel and all things health and wellness. I value relationships and enjoy supporting and encouraging others to live a happy and healthy life.

Routines and rituals for the soul: can you tell me about the little or big things that keep you feeling balanced, connected and well. I have many and I pick and choose which one feels right at the time. I use ‘morning pages’ as soon as I wake up I write 3 pages of long hand. Afternoon is 15-20mins meditation where I always lay down (even tho most teachers say be seated, I do what feels right for me). Some times I pick a song that gets me ‘feeling’ connected to a goal I’m working towards. I imagine what it would be like to attain this goal. It’s a great mood booster. My fav ritual is finding one new café a week, I’ve been doing it for 8yrs. It’s like taking myself on a date.

What are your 5 favourite things?
1.My necklace with ‘believe’ written on it.
2.My coffee machine.
3.My Nutri-bullet.
4.My bed.
5.My lounge.

What can’t you live without (and why)? My Passport!

Favourite breakfast? Banana and Blueberry Smoothie with lots of seeds, nuts, honey, coconut and almond milk. It’s super quick, taste great and is packed with nutrients.

Favourite scent/smell? Vanilla Candles, I light one every night. Or the smell of coffee beans being ground up.

What’s on your bedside table? 3 books and a rose quartz crystal and photos of my family.

Favourite sound to fall asleep to? Light rain.

Tips for a restful nights sleep? Don’t watch too much crap on TV and limit alcohol. Depending on a person’s size and gender more than 1-2 glasses starts to disrupt sleep. It might get you to sleep but it won’t be restful or restorative.

Tea or coffee? Coffee always

Favourite place on earth? So many! Bruges in Belgium. Cannels, Chocolate Waffles and Cobble stone streets.

What is something you haven’t done and would like to do in the future? Grow my own family.

What are three of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt over the years about life?

1. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the future.

2. Good health is equal parts physical and emotional

3. Life is about the little things and if I can find joy in the little things then my life will be one big joy ride!

Tell me about your journey with coaching? Ever since I was a little girl I have always been ‘encouraging’. When I was 7 yrs old I ran off with the local Priest’s cigarettes. When he asked for them back I told him they were bad for him and he didn’t need them anymore. I’m not so forth coming these days (lol). I let others decide what’s good for them and support them if they want it. I first studied Applied Health Science and then Life Coaching. I’m in the process of adding Mindfulness Training too. I love having the health science background because my first priority when working with clients is making sure they are ‘ok’ emotionally and physically before they even start thinking about creating a 5 year vision or setting a goal. I mostly facilitate group workshops. I love the dynamics of group coaching, putting things into practice straight away and enjoy watching people open up when they can hear themselves thinkoutloud. I coach people everywhere, in the checkout line, on the massage table, on the plane, I can’t help it.

What are the last 3 books you read?
1.The 7 laws of spiritual success by Deepak Chopra
2.The Mind that Changes Everything by Dr. Ian Gawler
3.Buddhism for Busy People by David Michie on audio.

The not-so-hot days. We all have them. How do you combat overwhelm, self-doubt, anxiety? I would probably cry first, it’s always a good release. Then I have a bunch of tools depending on where I am or the situation. Journal writing – I might continuously write for 3 pages and don’t analyse or judge what I’m writing. It’s a great brain dump. 15 minutes of mediation, I feel the most relaxed laying down. Or I’ll bring myself back to the moment by saying to myself..’Right now ….’ I’ll acknowledge how I’m feeling and then bring it back to the moment. E.g ‘Right now…although I’m feeling tense and a little irritable this is just a feeling I’m experiencing, right now I can feel my breath as I inhale and exhale, right now my feet are relaxed and on the floor and I can feel a light breeze on my forearms, right now I am ok’.

What inspires you? People with Passion and a Vision, New experiences, Learning new skills to share and my own vision board.

Your current mantra/ affirmation is –‘I can create whatever I want’.

What tips would you have for staying calm? Just find one thing you can do everyday that brings you back ‘home’. It could be sitting for 5 minutes with a cup of tea and just acknowledging at the time that you are doing something nice for yourself. Keep it simple. xx

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