Would you love some help to create a happy healthy fulfilling life?  A coaching session gives you ‘time’ and ‘space’ to thinkoutloud and to inspire you to live life more aligned to what’s most important to you.

A Coaching session with thinkoutloud is designed to help with the following;

  • Reconnect with what’s important to you by helping you identfy your values
  • Help you to create a BIG vision to work towards
  • Set short term goals
  • Increase confidence through taking action
  • Create a self care strategy for a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Gain more energy and a new sense of focus

Initial Session – I’m here to listen to you get it ALL off your chest, give you the space to gather your thoughts to help you move forward again. You don’t have to do it on your own.  Fee $150

3 Session Packages – Includes BIG vision session, support between sessions with goals.  Fee $390

6 Session Package –  Includes BIG vision session, support between sessions with goals.  Fee $720

Follow Up Sessions for current clients –   Book here.

Sessions 1hr – Zoom or phone.

“After reaching a low point in life following a lot of life changes, I knew I had to figure out a way to dig out. I attended one of Dee’s workshops where we create a vision board, which provided some great tools to figure out what kind of future I wanted and how to get it. I then signed up for 3 coaching sessions with Dee and the cumulative effect of the workshop and the coaching led to a much brighter future! Just being around Dee’s positive energy was enough to make me realize I wanted more of that in my life. She was somehow able to pull out of me some great steps forward to implement and give me confidence that I could find and create what I was looking for.” Professional.


Coaching for Employee’s – Is your staff members personal life affecting their work life? Coaching Sessions are designed to give your staff the tools to help them take better care of themselves.  The energy of your staff affects everything from performance to other members of your team. Please contact me directly to discuss further.


For some people one session is all they need to get back on track and feel as though they can move forward again. It is normal to have a few setbacks in the process of change. It can feel like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. For added support additional coaching sessions are always beneficial to help with a smooth transition….and perhaps  a little accountability (if we’re honest).

*If mental illness is a concern you maybe referred to a Psychologist or Counsellor.

”I love chatting with you and you just have such a way of making everything feel achievable and I feel so motivated!

”I’m pleased to advise that I am not looking at my phone at night, am getting into work later and leaving earlier and getting at least a walk in every day…although New Year I’m committed to gym 3 days per week.” – Executive

“My health is my wealth” – Jill, Melbourne

Dee is both inspirational and motivational. She was constantly challenging me to realise my potential in the areas I needed and wanted to change. She was there with me through a very tough period of my life and her coaching has helped facilitate the changes I have since made.  Dee held me accountable for my actions, while providing the tools and support I needed to help me with reaching my goals and targets.  As Dee practices what she preaches, it is easy for me to recommend her to friends and colleagues.” Excutive Assistant