Public Classes 

Designed for the first time meditator and those who would like extra support to establish a home practice. Learn the emotional and physical benefits, be guided through 3 meditations and enjoy the collective energy of others. Leave feeling a mix of relaxed, energised and inspired. 75 minute class. 

Canberra, Australia – Pop up & drop in classes.

Next Class – Calm is a Superpower – Friday 2nd March 2018, Woden Canberra. 7:15 – 8:30pm.

Come and learn how to cultivate more calm in your life using mindfulness meditation.

Beginners to Advanced. No experience required. More details in the registration link.
Register Now. $25


Workplace Mindfulness

An introduction to mindfulness meditation and how it can enhance your daily life. Be guided through 3 meditations leaving you feeling a sense of calm. Come up with your own plan of how you can implement some mindfulness in home and work life. Resources provided to support an ongoing practice. 90 minute workshop.


You’ll find guided mindfulness meditations to support you to continue a home practice. From 3 minutes to 15 minutes guided practice. Your welcome! Click here