Public Classes 

Designed for the beginner meditator and those who would like extra support to establish a home practice. Learn about the emotional and physical benefits, be guided through a variety of meditations and enjoy the collective energy of others. Leave feeling a mix of relaxed, energised and inspired. 

Canberra, Australia – Pop up & drop in classes.


roof top

Meditate this summer on a roof top! Fairy lights, candles and good vibes.

MEDITATION & MOJO – Starts again Wednesday 10th August 2022. Online

Let meditation be your superpower. Join a community of like minded people and stay committed to your wellbeing.

For 4 weeks every Wednesday at 8pm AEST, 45mins via Zoom and FB.

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What you can expect from this program;
  • The program will be 50% Meditation and 50% Group Coaching focusing on decreasing stress and overwhelm and improving general wellbeing.
  • We’ll practice mindfulness techniques.
  • We’ll meditate together.
  • I’ll keep you accountable to a daily meditation practice. Yes, daily! Even a 1 minute practice counts. Lets build on your good habits.
  • Each week we’ll come up with a new focus to improve your energy levels.
  • You will feel heard, seen and cared for within your new community.
What you need:
Zoom and Facebook
Investment: $99 for the gift that keeps giving.
If you are coming back for a second round, email me for a code.


DIY MEDITATION + MINDFULNESS AT HOME – A private FB group. During 2020 I got brave and started doing live meditations on a Friday night at 8pm with a glass of wine. You can join the private FB group to join us now in 2022. You’ll also find a bunch of short guided meditations in there. All free.

MEDITATION + FAIRY LIGHTS – We’ve just completed 3 months of classes in Kingston, Canberra. Unfortunately due to covid we’ve had to move on online for now. Back soon!


RISE MEDITATE COFFEE – A Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Sunday – 9:30am – 11am – illeso studio, Aranda Shops. Under Two Before 10 cafe. New date TBC…

In the first hour you’ll be guided through some mindfulness meditation. Then we’ll wrap our hands around our coffee’s as we talk about the benefits of mindfulness and how to stay motivated with your practice.  You’ll walk away from this event feeling, relaxed, caffeinated and inspired to add more mindfulness into your day.


See events page on Facebook for the most recent updates.

Workplace and Community Mindfulness

An introduction to mindfulness meditation and how it can enhance your daily life. Be guided through 3 meditations leaving you feeling a sense of calm. Come up with your own plan of how you can implement some mindfulness in home and work life. Resources provided to support an ongoing practice. 90 minute workshop, or choose a 4 week program to maintain momentum.

Please get in touch directly to organise a program for your workplace or community.


You’ll find guided mindfulness meditations to support you to continue a home practice. From 3 minutes to 15 minutes guided practice. Your welcome! Click here