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When was the last time you sat down, with no interruptions, and thought about what you most desire? Most of us lead busy lives and are pulled in different directions and never quiet get that grand plan finished. Sometimes life throws us a challenge or perhaps an opportunity for growth (however you choose to look at it) and we need to review our vision and goals.

Workshop - Vision boarding front - Dee in red and pink outfit

This is what we will be covering over the 4 weeks.

  • Connect to your values to help you set the foundations for your life’s vision
  • Be guided through a visualisation meditation of your future self
  • Make your own vision board as a reminder of what your working towards
  • Create a theme and some tangible goals to keep you moving forward
  • Make taking care of yourself a priority with the accountability of the group
  • Stay inspired inside a private FB Group from week to week

“It was great to put the fun back into my vision”Workshop participant.”I look back at the vision I realised during that workshop and cannot help but be absolutely blown away by how much of it is now in my everyday. Seriously powerful shit. Be warned!!” – Business Owner

“When I got home I read out my vision to my boyfriend and he was looking at my vision board. He had tears in his eyes and said that he wants my vision too and thanked me for including him in it! How beautiful is that!” – Workshop participant.

‘The Spirit and energy of the workshop allowed me to really open up to express what I want and how to get there’ – Ammie, Melbourne


Workplace and Community Groups – Now available ONLINE.

Turns eighteen (4)

template for wellness  – workshop  An engaging discussion allowing people the time and space to stop, re-evaluate and create their own health and happiness plan.

  • Introduction to a variety of DIY tools to increase health and happiness
  • Practical mindfulness meditation demonstration
  • Create a 30 day wellness goal
  • Optional – Wellness vision board if time allows.

The workshop style presentation is light hearted and run for both male and females. The presentation is modified to suit the environment. This is the perfect way to start the workday. Add a 30 minute walk and healthy morning tea and everyone is feeling like a winner, and all before lunch time! Give your staff the tools and motivation to take better care of themselves.

“Seriously loved your workshop, and I’ve had a few people come and ask me questions about mindful meditation as they have started implementing it in their lives over the weekend! Success!” – University Preschool and Childcare Centre Canberra.

“What a star!! Dee brings life to simple life lessons and reminders, to arm us for everyday challenges. Loved the session & meditation! Highly recommend for anyone needing a little prompt with some selfcare lessons.” – Completely Taylored. 

Email or call to discuss your group, company or conference.
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