We were recently featured in The CEO Blog Nation and asked ‘Why’ I started thinkoutloud…

To inspire others to live a life of health and happiness

I was a remedial massage therapist for 8 years and my greatest skills were listening and influencing positive change in my clients. I always felt compelled to ‘fix’ my clients problems and realised that musculoskeletal injuries was just one component to the lack of disharmony in someone’s life. Working in multidisciplinary clinics for years made me realise that there are so many ways to bring more health and happiness into people’s lives. I went back and studied coaching and then how to train people to ‘Do it yourself (DIY) Health and Happiness. The greatest results I ever achieved from helping others have been by teaching them to cultivate their own Health and Happiness. I love having my own business because it means I keep learning and growing as an individual all whilst spreading more health and happiness around the world. Love it!

corporate photo deanne brennan