The League of Extraordinary Women

Five minutes with Deanne Brennan from the League of Extraordinary Women By Amanda Whitley — February 01, 2014 No, it’s not a new group of Marvel superheroes…it’s an Australian network of female entrepreneurs that has recently come to Canberra. As four young women, all heading up companies of their own, Sarah Riegelhuth, Sheryl Thai, Liz … Continue reading The League of Extraordinary Women


My ‘Why’ for starting thinkoutloud..

We were recently featured in The CEO Blog Nation and asked 'Why' I started thinkoutloud... To inspire others to live a life of health and happiness I was a remedial massage therapist for 8 years and my greatest skills were listening and influencing positive change in my clients. I always felt compelled to ‘fix’ my clients … Continue reading My ‘Why’ for starting thinkoutloud..