This blog post was written for ‘Women in Focus’ for the Commonwealth Bank supporting women in business.  The blog is post had to be called ‘In my shoes’.
In my Shoes…

I too own my own business and I too questioned ‘is it all worth it?’ Let me give you a picture of what it was like to be in my shoes and not so long ago…

I was a massage therapist by trade and entering into a new profession, life coaching with a strong focus on all things health and lifestyle.

My alarm would go off at 5:20am and first thing I’d do is put my running shoes on.  After run group I’d head to the gym near my office, shower and get into my killer heels to speak at a women’s networking breakfast. Straight to the office in my ballet flats for my first 2 massage clients. Then I’d slip my killer heels back on, jump in my hot sweaty car for a corporate meeting to discuss my coaching services. Ignoring the sweat dripping down my back I’d get straight into coaching mode.  Back to the office and back into my ballet flats for 4 more massages.

It’s 8pm by the time I get home and I can’t possibly think about getting into anymore shoes! Dinner, feet up on couch, ask my partner how his day was and peel myself off the lounge to prepare for the next day. As I pack my bag and shoes for tomorrow, the question comes into my head ‘is it all worth it?’

I dreamt of only wearing two pairs of shoes, my running shoes and my killer heels.  These day’s I’m spending more  time in my killer heels and less time in my ballet flats and I love it! When I get emails or text messages from my clients letting me know of their progress it puts a smile on my face and the answer to my question always comes to me clearly… Yes, it is all worth it!

I know have the perfect balance of massage and coaching clients and I really enjoy the variety in my working week.