I’ve made it my job to create a space for people to come and improve their health and wellbeing in a safe, inclusive and fun environment. I want to make meditation classes a little different to what’s been done and something people can look forward to. Here is a photo from my last event at ‘roof top meditation’ in Canberra. A 75 minute mindfulness meditation class under the recent Super Blue Blood Moon. Surrounded by candles and fairy lights. Why not hey!


When I first started meditating I found it really challenging to sit in the quiet with my eyes closed, even for just 5 minutes. I thought that was how you had to meditate. It was awkward, boring and I seemed to always have something ‘more important’ to do. What could have been more important than my health and happiness! I wished I had something that made it easier. A few helpful resources or a supportive group could be the missing piece to your successful meditation practice, just like it was mine. Fast forward 8 years and I have a 15 minute daily mindfulness practice that I look forward to most days.

You might be interested in a recent study aired on SBS this week that measured Stress relief using Mindfulness, Yoga and Gardening. In this experiment,15 minutes of daily Mindfulness, was found to be the most powerful method of stress relief out of all three activities. Interestingly, those that found the activity ‘enjoyable’, which ever method it was, had an even greater positive effect on relieving their stress. So how about we make mindfulness something to look forward to and perhaps even fun!

If joining a group is out of your reach for now, here are a few resources and tips to make your practice easier and more enjoyable;

Listen to 1 song. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’. Ear phones in. Listen to the words, see how many instruments you can identify. Listen deeply to feel the tone of the song, is it uplifting? I wonder how the singer is feeling as they are singing? Get curious.

Try an App. Calm was voted the best App for 2017, a variety of meditations free or low fee. Headspace has a free App with a 10 day introduction to mindfulness which only takes 10 minutes a day. A great introduction.

3 Minute Guided Meditation. If your totally new to this meditation thing and short of time, try my 3 minute mini mindfulness track once a day for the next 2 weeks. 3 Minutes – Sound Cloud Clip.

Mindfulness is a practice, there is no such thing as being ‘good at it’ and some days are easier than others. Go easy on yourself, learning any new skill takes some time. Start slow and give yourself 8 weeks before you feel and see the benefits unfold in your life.


***Upcoming Canberra Event***

Friday 16th February 2018 – Roof Top Meditation – PYC Woden -75mins guided mindfulness meditation class under the new moon, surrounded by candles and fairy lights.
About author: Deanne Brennan is a Life and Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is a big advocate for d.i.y health and happiness and loves sharing with others what works for her. She is available for private sessions to support you to feel good and live well.  http://www.thinkoutloud.com.au