By Deanne Brennan

In summary these are the top 2 things that help me navigate a meaningful and sometimes seemly uncertain life. For me the word ‘uncertain’ contains more magic than fear. A lot can happen in 1 year, believe me, I’ve been there. So let’s get straight into it….

1. I wake up to a vision I feel good about.
Each year I spend time thinking about my bigger vision. I dream up my ideal scenario for the next 1 – 5 years. I start with identifying what’s most important to me, my values. Then I think about how I most want to feel, that could be either in my relationships or in a work setting. I list my top 3 goals for the year, anything else is a bonus. I align my goals with how I want to feel. I call this my template for doing life.

2. Self Care is my number one priority.
I look after myself as well as I can, physically, emotionally and energetically. To fuel my vision I need energy and resilience to keep moving forward. At the start of each week I plan out where I’m going to fit my exercise in. I set aside 15 minutes to meditate (most day’s, I’m not perfect). I notice how people and events make me feel, ‘is it giving or taking energy from me?’ and I adjust accordingly. I ask for help before I need it, that’s a big one!

I’m an optimist (like off the chart) but life has also taught me to be a realist (a cancer diagnoses will do that to you). I’m 80% practical and 20% woo woo. I have a big vision and plan that makes me feel excited and progressive, but I also leave room for magic. I’ve witnessed a lot of magical moments in my life.

Just for fun…I’d encourage you to talk to a friend (or me) about what you would like to bring into your life over the next 1 – 5 years. It’s a conversation that could change the course of your life in a positive way.


P.s I’ve been dreaming up running mindfulness classes and wellness workshops at big conferences at holiday destinations. It’s going on my vision board as a reminder.

Upcoming Canberra Event

Sunday 29th July – the BIG vision workshop.
Saturday 11th August – WINEFULNESS – Mindfulness Meditation + Wine
Sunday 18th August – RISE MEDITATE COFFEE – Mindfulness Meditation + Coffee
About author: Deanne Brennan is a Life and Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is a big advocate for d.i.y health and happiness and loves sharing with others what works for her. She is available for private sessions to support you to feel good and live well