By Deanne Brennan
I have made some massive progress this year and I know it’s from my well spent time in January and February. I have a love affair with planning which is probably why I enjoy helping others plan. The big game changer for me this year was getting clear on just 3 big goals.

I asked myself…

”What 3 things could I feel good about achieving by the end of the year?”

1. Being a great first time mum
2. Teaching Mindfulness Meditation
3. Offering my ‘template for life’ workshop as an online webinar

Perhaps you could take a minute to ask yourself the same question….(I’ll wait).

Even though I have made significant progress I felt like I wasn’t giving one goal enough focus. Thank god I don’t have 10 big goals. I was feeling a little flat about it so I have decided to choose one of those goals and focus on it for a whole week. I  am going to take action every day, a little action or a lot, it doesn’t matter. I’m just giving it some energy.

‘Where focus goes, energy flows’ 

What one goal could you focus on next week? Write it in your diary or on a post-it note on the wall next to your bed. We all need reminders. Go do it now!

Here’s mine…nothing fancy but it’s working already.


About author: Deanne Brennan is a Life and Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is a big advocate for d.i.y health and happiness and loves sharing with others what works for her.